Sound is Medicine

Sound as a healing modality is becoming more widely popularized every day, appearing in yoga studios, hospitals, alternative medical treatments, and spiritual communities alike. It is a modality available to EVERYONE because sound and rhythm are fundamental aspects of human expression and interaction with the world. Science is starting to verify the power of sound, though wisdom traditions have always been keenly aware. As we embrace sound as medicine, we can begin with our voices. Tapping into our voice requires no musical training or license to practice. It is our birthright to express through our voice and co-create beauty and healing with this primal instrument!

In addition to the voice, there are a variety of acoustic sound instruments and sounds (like mantras and chants) that carry powerful vibrations to assist us in balancing our physical and energetic bodies for optimal wellness and recalibration into our most natural state of vibrant health. There are so many instrumental tools available to us, like a sound healing playground!

Here’s a variety of my sound-focused offerings that I’m passionate about sharing, and check out my Events for upcoming opportunities to join:

The Inspired Sound: Nada Yoga Workshop
A sound yoga workshop designed to awaken our sense of sound beyond what is audible, connecting us to ancient vibrations and healing wisdom that various cultures have been practicing for millennia. In addition to practices of chant, mantra, vocal toning, and melodic bhajans, we explore the foundations of an open and connected voice as well as the power of intention when combined with sound.

The Inspired Sound: Nada Yoga Series
This 5-class series focuses on various aspects of nada yoga on a dynamic journey of breath, body, and voice. The series format allows us to dive deeper into ourselves and the practices, enabling a more expansive experience of the power of sound within and without. We gain an accessible sound yoga practice that can be taken into daily life.

Alchemy of Sound & Cacao
Dive into a dynamic, multidimensional sound experience with a heart-opening cacao ceremony. Flow through an intuitively-led adventure of meditation, breathwork, vocal activation, and ancient mantra, followed by a sound journey with acoustic instruments and vocal channeling. Awaken your deep wisdom and align to vibrant wellness in this sacred gathering of hearts.

Currently are a few other pop-up events on the calendar revolving around women’s vocal empowerment and connection. Check out the events calendar for more.

Private Sessions

Explore my private sessions where I offer one-on-one vocal offerings.