In Sanskrit, yoga is commonly translated as “union”. This union can mean a total union with all there is–a realization of Oneness that extends beyond the intellect, a connectedness of the individual self with the expansive fabric of the Universe. However we interpret it, there is nothing quite like our individual experience of grace through divine connection.


Inspired Heart Yoga draws upon the tenets of Raja Yoga, also called the Royal Path of yoga. This approach holistically engages our hearts, mind, body, and spirit for a committed, transformative yogic lifestyle. The foundation of the Inspired Heart Yoga practice is Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, where the heart space serves as the primary gateway to our awakening and healing. In the various classes and yogic workshop series, Diana aims to inspire and empower each individual’s transformative process through heart-centered movement and sound medicine.


Diana currently offers the following classes and courses:

Moving Archetypes: A Journey through the Chakras
This 5-part workshop series explores archetypes as related to the chakra system. Embodying mythological archetypes through asana postures and breath, we tap into the power of embodied movement for accessing ancient wisdom. From here, we open to the possibility of re-writing our personal stories and drawing upon mythological archetypes as tools for healing.

Inspired Heart Sanctuary
This class combines gentle Hatha asana with empowering mantra and soothing sound meditation for a restorative, self-affirming experience.

Inspired Heart Flow
A dynamic vinyasa class to awaken the heart and break a sweat in service to our wellbeing–mind, body, and soul.

Heartblood Hatha
We begin by sharing sacred Mayan cacao before diving into a heart-expanding Hatha class. Cacao, the pure form of chocolate, is a gentle plant medicine that awakens our hearts and invites us to explore our inner landscapes with courage and compassion. In one ancient Aztec language, the word for cacao is translated as “heart-blood”; this description alludes to the many layers of cacao’s benefits and use by the ancients. Our class will begin with ceremony and flow into a juicy practice of breath, sacred sound, and inspired movement. Tune into your multidimensional being through this unique, high vibrational experience and expand into embodied bliss in a safe container, opening to more of yourself with every breath.

The Inspired Sound: Nada Yoga Workshop
A sound yoga workshop designed to awaken our sense of sound beyond what is audible, connecting us to ancient vibrations and healing wisdom that various cultures have been practicing for millenia. In addition to practices of chant, mantra, vocal toning, and melodic bhajans, we explore the foundations of an open and connected voice as well as the power of intention when combined with sound.

The Inspired Sound: Nada Yoga Series
This 5-class series focuses on various aspects of nada yoga on a dynamic journey of breath, body, and voice. The series format allows us to dive deeper into ourselves and the practices, enabling a more expansive experience of the power of sound within and without. We gain an accessible sound yoga practice that can be taken into daily life.


Inspiration. Bliss. Courage. Recognition of Truth. Unity.
This is where yoga can bring us. We need only continue the practice.